Saturday, February 6, 2010

Phone sales steady up

Phone sales come from China are flooding the Indonesian market exploded unstoppable. Not only profit menangguk distributor, retail sales in mobile phone sales centers helped to harvest profits. In the last month, China mobile phone sales jumped by 100 percent. This is the latest picture of the impact of the implementation of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (ACFTA) in Indonesia. Imposition of import duty to 0% for mobile phones, electronic products belonging, directly felt.

Consumers rush to buy cheap mobile phones manufactured in China mobile phone sales centers, such as Roxy region, ITC Cempaka Mas, and Mal Ambassador. Muslia, marketers at Loos in Roxy Cingular Wireless, states can now sell up to 10 units per day of China's mobile phone.

So did Ivan on Experience Phone Shop, ITC Cempaka Mas, was a generous provision with this level of society who are looking for mobile phones from China. Last month, Ivan sold about 200 units of mobile phones in China.

However, President Director of PT Metrotech Jaya Community Martono Jaya Kusuma, Nexian brand distributors, denied this sales spike because of ACFTA validity. Since the first phone is not affected Nexian duty. Sales increased dramatically because of the advanced features and an affordable price.

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